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1. Altmann, Alti hun
2. Altmann, András hun
3. Bobák, László hun
4. Caics, Edgars lat
5. Kahoun ml., Tomáš cze
6. Kahoun, Lukáš cze
7. Lagzdiņš, Sandis Kristaps lat
8. Lorand st., Allan svk
9. Marešová, Hana cze
10. Martinec, Martin svk
11. Mazūrs, Leonards lat
12. Miglinieks, Raivis lat
13. Nagy, Bálint hun
14. Naszádi, András hun
15. Papp, Mátyás hun
16. Regula, Gergely hun
17. Rjavec, Bernard slo
18. Sīlis, Atis lat
19. Sundqvist, Micael swe
20. Thomas, Simon irl
21. Vágó, Frenky hun

Budapest Trophy 2017 Michal Hvizd cze
Budapest Trophy 2016 Gergely Regula hun
Budapest Cup 2013 Tomas Zamutovsky svk
Hungarian Open 2011 Petr Tmej cze
Hungarian Open 2010 Imrich Blasko svk
Hungarian Open 2009 Petr Tmej cze
Budapest Open 2008/09 Petr Tmej cze
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Budapest Open 2007 Jan Dryak cze
Budapest Open 2006 Petr Tmej cze
Budapest Open 2005 Henrik Brodin swe
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Budapest Open 2001 Gergely Regula hun

Community House, Kozák tér

Budapest, Gábor Áron u. 58/c, 1154

Community House, Kozák tér

Budapest Trophy 2018

Budapest Trophy 2018

ITHF WORLD TOUR (part of hungarian league)




Sunday 11 march 2018, 10:00 am


Community House, Kozák tér
Budapest, Gábor Áron u. 58/c, 1154



Registration: 9:30
Group draw: 9:45
Tournament start: 10:00

Please arrive in time, late registration is not accepted!

Registration fee: 6000 HUF


Trophies, medals for the best, diplomas.


Preliminary registration till 5 march 2018, 24:00
Because of the limited capacity of the venue only the first 40 registered players are guaranteed to participate.
Every player gets refreshing drinks during the event.

Tournament format:

The tournament format is according to the ITHF Tournament Rules. The Tournament Referees names will be announced according to the registered players. Playoff games are best-of-seven (bronze medal game: best-of-five).

less than 30 players: 1 basic group and play-off
more than 30 : 2 basic groups (top 10 of each group advance to the final group), final group (mutual results counted), best 16 players from the final group advance to play-off (best of seven)


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that smoking and any alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited at the venue (including the garden). The rules are violated by exclusion from the competition.

Further information:

László Bobák


It's possible to order pizza (1 000 HUF), you can choose it on the registration form or you can have lunch at the nearest mall (Pólus Center 1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 131. - 6 minutes by car).


Bodicsek Klub